Mickey Jupp Videos.

There are a few videos where Mickey sings or perform as well as where other artists performs a song written bu Mickey.
Most of them are from TV-appearances. If they violate any copyrights? Well, I don't know!
I have asked and have not heard a thing from the people at various TV-Companies.
All videos are free to downlaod.

If you have any additional information, Please, feel free to send all your updates or corrections to: lars

Mickey videos

"Long Distance Romacer" is a Video broadcasted on Television. It's filmed home at Mickey's house
Mickey talks about his life and his songs.
This file is 303MB

"Wait", is a Video made in Germany for the Music Program "Rock 'n' Roll Feeling".
The Video shows how Mickey and the band writes a new song and at the same time record it.
This song is never released on any album or single.
The video is made in Germany, English is spoken and the Sub-titles are in Italian:-).
This file is 526MB.

Videos with songs by Mickey

Dave Edmunds and The Refeshments sings "Standing at The Crossroads Again" has been broadcasted in Sweden
by the National Television Channel 1.

Dr Feelgood sings "Down at The Doctor's", one of many many versions they have done over the years.

Joe Cocker sings "Don't Talk To Me" Joe also tells the audience how much he love Mickey.

The Hamsters sings "Chevrolet" recorded live.

The Hamsters sings "Taxi Driver" recorded live.

Videos without Mickey

"Southend" The story of Southend where it all started for Mickey, Dr. Feelgood and others.