Mickey Jupp news.

11th of January 2010
A new article is added in the German Scrapbook.
Thanks to Gerd Oberman, Germany who has asked the musical magazine "Good Times Magazine"#5 2009
to write an article and review. This article and review will soon be in a translated version in the Englsih Scrapbook.

Four new songs are added for listening purpose only. And for the first time will you be able to listen to Covers.
All songs taken from a Cover Album by Johnny Powers "Long Blond Hair" released by Rollercoaster Records 2008.
These songs are added with kind permission from Rollercoaster Records and from which you also can buy the CD.
There is only one reason why a cover song is added and that is, they are really good.
All songs are interpreted in a totally different way than they are otherwise. All lovers of real "Rock-a-Billy" will have no objections.
Remember, for every sold Cover Album Mickey receive one's share of royalty.

Message in Swedish for Swedish fans.
Jag vet inte hur många fans till Mickey som läser denna utmärkta blogg skriven av Håkan Pettersson.
Det är i alla fall sveriges i särklass bästa blogg om musik.
Gå dit och läs, gå bakåt och läs även gamla blogginlägg. Massor av detaljer, massor att lära.
Håkan har skrivit på ett eller annat sätt sedan 1970. I morgon firar Håkan 40år, som musikskribent.
Ni får gärna kommentera det Håkan skriver, komma med ny information eller tillägg till det han skrivit.
Håkan skriver ofta om Mickey och Legend.

7th of January 2010
Four new songs are added for listening purpose only.
All songs taken from the latest studio album Mickey recorded "You Say Rock" released by Gazell Records.
These songs are added with kind permission from Gazell Records and from which you also can buy the CD.
You can also order song by song from thier digital download site.
If you have read the anecdotes you will also know that Mickey's personal favourite song is on this album.
That song is "Heave To My Hearties" and subsequently one of the songs chosen.

In the Cover Discography has one new song been added. That is the Swedish RoR singer Jerry Williams who
has recorded for him a new song "Some People Can't Dance". The song itself is covered since before.
This was the third song Jerry Williams covered. Jerry is also Executive Producer for "You Say Rock".

If you don't have this album, buy it directly from Gazell Records, cheaper than on eBay.

16th of December 2009
Finally it works. But I could'nt do this by my own. I have had expertise on the job.
And he has complained that I have told you that I'm working on it, while it was he.
But putting one to work is work that too, or?

16th of December 2009
The new feature, hovering with the mouse over text in Lyrics does not work properly.
It works fine in Internet Explorer, not at all in Google Chrome and poorly in Firefox.
I'm working on it, be patient or use Internet Explorer in the meantime. :-)

15th of December 2009
I have added a new feature in the Lyrics section.
If you move the Mouse over "Anecdotes" you will find some interesting reading about the song.
More anecdotes wil be added when there are more to add.

20th of November 2009
A new Video has been added "Southend".
The story of Southend where it all started for Mickey, Dr. Feelgood and others.

I have also added two more videos with songs by Mickey.
This time its The Hamsters performing "Taxi Driver" and "Chevrolet".

17th of November 2009
A new article is added in the English Scrapbook.
Thanks to Ron Binjen, Holland who has translated a Dutch article from the musical magazine "Oor" 1980.

The Gig List has also been updated with a change of set list for one concert in "Oss" 6th of June 1980.
There is also three new concert added, 1980 Utrecht, 1990 Nijmegen, 1991 Amsterdam.
Al of course in Holland. Again thanks to Ron Binjen.

11th of November 2009
A new Lyric was added "Foxfield Junction", but I made it wrong.
The lyrics was taken from a cover CD and this artist had changed a few word.
He had not only chenged some of the text, he had also called this song "Traditional".
Apparently to get around paying royalty fee to Mickey.
However, the writer of the song has personally told me the difference between Houston and Euston,
and also that there are some significant mileage between the two.

10th of November 2009
A new Video has been added "Don't Talk To Me" with Joe Cocker.
Just listen to how much Joe praises Mickey.

8th of November 2009
A new Lyric has been added "Foxfield Junction"

7th of November 2009
Some Videos are added for download in the Video Section.

Most of them are from TV-appearances. If they violate any copyrights? Well, honestly I don't know!
I have asked and have not heard a thing from the people at the various TV-stations.
All videos are free to downlaod, but if copyrights are violated they will be taken away.
The biggest so far are 526MB and may take some time to download on a slow speed connection...

One video shows Mickey at home and in his studio.
Mickey talks about life and his songs. This video is called "Long Distance Romancer".

Another video shows how Mickey and The Band writes a new song as well as record it at the same time.
This was made for a TV-Program called "Rock 'n' Roll Feeling". This video was broadcasted in Germany and Italy.
The song that Mickey writes is "Wait" and has never been recorded on any album or single.
The video is recorded in Germany, English is spoken and the subtitles are in Italian:-).

Then there is three videos recorded by other artists...

More to come...

Right click on them, save target where you want them... Enjoy!

19th of October 2009
Two articles added in the English Srapbook. Both are from Dutch Papers and translated to English.
It's “De Telegraaf” Saturday 7th of June 1980 and "Utrechts Nieuwsblad" 25-09-1982.
Both articles is from Ron Bijnen, Holland who also translated the articles.
Thank you very much Ron.

There is also two updates in the Dutch Scrapbook. But they are in Dutch and scanned.
Again, thanks to Ron.

One of the translated articles gave me an aswer that I have searched for for more than 10 years.
It's about how the Juppanese album was recorded.
And this article turns everything that I thought I knew about the recording sessions upside down.
Many has told me how it was, but apparently everyone was wrong.

I can promise you some good reading.

3rd of October 2009
Four new songs to listen to added.
These songs are added with permission from Hux Records from which you also can buy the CD.
The CD is "Mickey Jupp Live At The BBC" and you can get it here.
Price: UK £13.99, Europe £14.49, Rest of the world £15.49 (Postage included)
Songs added:
3 - Anything You Do
5 - Down At The Doctor's
8 - So Long
9 - You Made A Fool Out Of Me

1st of October 2009
Sorry for being so quiet for a time.
Have had all the trouble thinkable with my computer.

Anyway, John Bobin from early Orioles, Legend and present Legend for that matter has send me some really good news.

I am involved in several recording projects at present. I thought you might be interested to hear about them:

Hunt, Runt, Shunt and Cunningham:
We are currently recording a CD provisionally entitled: "Pack up while you're winning".
The musicians involved are:
Tony Sumner - Piano and vocals
Dennis Masterton - Guitars
Mickey Brownlee - Drums
John Bobin - Bass and backing vocals
Vic Collins - Pedal Steel
Graeme Turner - Saxes
James Sumner - Vocals and backing vocals
We will record a song called "Hunt Runt Shunt and Cunningham" (written for us by MJ!)

The Oriole Express:
This project is for some YouTube videos and also a CD, entitled "The Oriole Express".
The idea came from John Potter who is a very good rock and roll pianist and singer.
He was in Dr Feelgood in their early days and was also a member of Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders.
John was a big fan of The Orioles in the early sixties (one of Mickey Jupp's early bands of which I was a member,
together with Mo Witham and Bobby Clouter.) John says he wants this project to recapture The Orioles sound.
We have started recording very recently. Other musicians who will be involved will include Dennis Masterton and
Bill Legend
(AKA Bill Fifield when he was in Legend with me.)
You will remember that we did the Red Boot album and two singles together.
It's been great to get back together with Bill after all these years. Here are a couple of links to YouTube.
The band features me (!) and Bill Fifield (Bill Legend) so there are two Mickey Jupp connections.
I hadn't played with Bill for about 36 years prior to doing these recordings!
Still great to be a part of The Red Boot Rhythm Section.
On The Oriole Express album we will do "Standing at the Crossroads".
More news later...By the way we are hoping that Mo Witham will guest on the OE album.

Videos with The Oriole Express:
Don't you just know it?

Chris East has another CD on the go with which I will also be involved. This is provisionally entitled "David".

Those links will be embedded here on the site later.
I will tell you later when and where those CD's will be available to buy.

25th of August 2009
The Gigt list is updated with a six new gigs.
One from Mallemunt Fsetival, Brussels, Belgium. This show was also Radio Broadcasted in Belgium.
Thanks to Eric Belmans, Belgium.

There are also five gigs from 1983 when Mickey Toured with his band in Sweden.
Thanks to Jörgen Johansson, Sweden

15th of June 2009
A new cover has been added, the 93rd band. Once again is it a Swedish band covering a song by Mickey.
The band is "Harrys Garage" and the song is "Standing At The Crossroads Again"
and they are band No; 15 covering that song.

10th of June 2009
'Country & Northern' are now finally released and can be ordered from Chris site.

Mo Witham's CD 'Background' is also released and can be ordered from the same place.

If you have missed to buy Legends CD 'Never Too Old To Rock', the CD is still available at Chris site.

30th of May 2009
Wonderful news from Chris East and Mickey.
This message came to me friday the 29th.

There will be 3 Collectors Volumes of songs by Mickey and I......one called 'Country & Northern'
the second will be called 'Stockholm' and we're not sure what the third will be yet.
LEGEND will be doing a 5-6 track EP, untitled yet.
Mo Witham will be releasing a guitar album next week called 'Background' and Mickey's 'Favourites'
will be an album called 'Someplace where it's Monday'... this has just been started.
I will be releasing two albums called 'Remember the Future' and 'Till you make it home'
and very soon there will be singles available to download from your site and I-Tunes.

We have also just rediscovered three complete reels of Mickey's demos from way way back that he gave to me.....
I'll make him a star yet!!!
Regards Chris .

For more news, just join the Mickey Yahoo Group.

25th of May 2009
Seven new Cover songs found, thanks to Ole Bo Andersen, Denmark.
Five of the songs were never before covered which means that there are now 65 different songs covered.
The artist is a Danish rocker, Rock Nalle.

24th of May 2009
The new CD with what I had thought should be with Legend turns out to be with Mickey and Chris solely.
Anyway, the CD is almost ready for release and should be released any day next week.
All songs written by Chris and Mickey except song 7 which is written by Chris East & Jonty Martindale.
All vocals and instruments by Mickey Jupp & Chris East

Tracks and cover picture added in the CD Discography.

24th of May 2009
Wonderful news, the new Legend CD is almost ready to release.

This came from Chris East today:
Legend's new CD named "Country & Northern" was finished last night and will be
put out... sometime in the next weeks or so.

Mickey's own new CD now renamed to "Someplace where it's Monday" (Mickey Jupp Favourites)
is currently being digitised for release...
It just needs a lot of work because he recorded the tracks at home....!

How to order?
Well it's the same procedure as for NTOTR, inormation will be found at www.mickeyjupp.com any day now.
You will also find the information here on this site.
6th of May 2009
The 92nd Cover band is discovered. This time it's a band from UK, Johnny Powers.
With Johnny came two not before covered songs and 7 covers in all.
"Good Gracious Me" and "I Thought I Heard Something".

Mickey's songs are now recorded 160 times but vith different versions it's 289 times.

5th of May 2009
The 91th Cover band is discovered. This time it's a band from Australia,
Men and Their Sheds. Mickey's songs are now recorded 153 times.

I will at the same time remind you about your opinions about the Legend album.
Please, send your opinions to me, they are important!
Please, listen as well to Mickey's new songs on the site.
Your opinions are as much important for that album as for Legend.
Use numbers to tell what you think, like NTOTR song 1 - 5, song 2 - 3 and so on...

21st of March 2009
A new scan for a Cassette has been added in the Cassette Discography.
It's for the "Juppanese" album and is released in Australia.

The 90th Cover band is discovered. This time it's a band from USA,
Snit's Dog and Pony Show. Mickey's songs are now recorded 152 times.

16th of March 2009
A new article in Swedish has been added to the Swedish Scrapbook
It's from April 1993 just before his tour in Sweden starts.

8th of March 2009
Now you can listen to Mickey's forthcoming new album "Favourites".
Im' proud to be able to present all 16 songs on the new album to be.
When you have listened to the song(s), Please, send your comments to me.

Chris East wrote this to me;
"We've already started on the next album,
but it would be interesting to know if the fans actually like the album!
Is there any way of gauging opinion on line?"

All of you who have got the new "Legend" CD Never Too Old To Rock
This question for help also include this album.
So PLEASE send you comments song by song.
All is anonymous and will only be sent to Mickey and Chris as a list of comments.

6th of March 2009
TODAY is Mickey's birthday. Many happy returns Mickey.

1st of March 2009
TODAY is the release date of the NEW LEGEND CD.
37 years after the latest realese of Moonshine January 1972.
It's a day to be remembered. No more BC or AD, a new timeline has been set 2009.

1st of March 2009
Another cover band found. this is the 89th band covering a mickey song.
The band "Avalanche" is from Belgium and recorded "Down At The Doctor's" 1984.
Thanks to Tore from Norway who informed me about this 'unknown' band.

23rd of February 2009
Gig List Onkel Pö 1980 and lyric list updated.
A new song discovered written by Mickey "Don't Gimme".

11th of February 2009
New news about Legend and Mickey!
Release date is the 1st of March for the new CD

And... new demos on their way as well, more to listen to.

10th of February 2009
The ORIGINAL Legend and New!! Check out the LEGEND posters and 2010 calenders
at www.mickeyjupp.com Don't only check it out, order one for yourself!
Send an email from within the site and you will be informed how to pay and get it.

More news about Legend and Mickey!
New albums in the pipeline will include Mickey, Mo Witham and Chris East,
one album of Mo Witham playing his own brand of rock guitar, and two albums from Chris.
More good news!!! Mick has agreed (witnesses present!) to do another album in the New Year,
so......if we all live long enough it should all be happening in 2009!!!

9th of February 2009
I have added a couple of more videos from YouTube.

3rd of February 2009
I have added a new feature on the site and will soon add even a second and a third.
Added are links to Videos at YouTube, these are cover songs only.
At this moment, two videos are up, more to come...

But, I will also add streaming videos with Mickey in a short period of time.
I have to ask for permition from some TV.companies first, but can't see any problem with streaming video.
Nothing for download though, I'm sorry, only for streaming.

If possible will I also add Videos for streaming from Videos and DVD's with bands performing
songs by Mickey, these songs have never been at YouTube.

At the Cover Discography have I added the 88th band covering a Mickey Song.
It's a Finnish band "Cool Operator" playing "Down At The Doctor's".
Down at the Doctor's have now been covered by 16 different bands and recorded 44 times.

2nd of January 2009
Yet one more cover found. A Danish rocker "Rock Nalle" has recorded a cover of "Old Rock 'n' Roller
on 7" single. The song is translated to Danish and called "En go' gammel rocker".
It was recorded 1990 and issued in UK.

10th of November 2008
I have added the new CD album to the discography, even though it's not released yet..
Track order not yet confirmed. Songs knowned listed.
There are a couple of other possible tracks why Legend are going to wait and see how they pan out.

Added is also Mickey's own CD "Favourites", I have very little information about it at the moment.
More info will be added shortly.

9th of November 2008
A new feature is added today.
You can now listen to a demo song written and performed by Mickey.
At the moment there are only one song, but when we are allowed to, more songs will be added.

Song list in player:
1 - Got No God - September 1994

8th of November 2008
But there is also new very positive news about a new CD made by Mickey himself.
It's some old songs, demos and unheard songs but also a few VERY NEW songs.
As soon as I know more about it, how to order and such things, you will be notified.

Song list as follows:
1 - Got No God - September 1994
2 - Just A Thing - October 1994
3 - Someplace Where It's Monday - May 1995
4 - I Should Be Lovin' This - February 1995
5 - Seeing Simone - September 1995
6 - The Difference - January 2007
7 - Things I Could Be Doing - November 2007
8 - Up Snakes - Down Ladders - January 1997
9 - Wildlife - September 1992
10 - All I Ask - September 2006
11 - Function To Function - January 1989
12 - Out O! n The Edge - August 1991
13 - Not Now Baby - November 2004
14 - I Will Be Everything - January 1991
15 - David - October 1996
16 - Part Of Your Furniture - May 1992

8th of November 2008
The new Legend CD has faced a set back due to severe illness by a band member.
It will be will be put back a month but should be done by Christmas have I been told.
More news as soon as I hear anything.

23rd of October 2008
A new article taken from Melody Maker September 9th 1978 is added to the scrapbook.

Two more gigs is added to the list of gigs.

I have received some photos from the making of the ned CD "Never Too Old To Rock".
They will be published within a couple of days. It's photos of the band today and from the studio.

6th of October 2008
The long wait is nearly over, I have just got this message from Chris East:
Final mixing is taking place; overdubs done, sounding good...

As soon as the CD is ready for shipment, you will all be informed here or at the Mickey Yahoo Group.

10th of September 2008
I have today added 38 songs written by Mickey at the Lyrics section.
There is also a link to where to buy if any are interested in Lyrics, Sheet Music or Guitar and Piano Tabs.
Lyrics will be more updated as I'm awaiting answers from another Music Publisher with Mickey's older songs.

5th of September 2008
A proud songwriter; Chris East from Legend told me today that one of his songs will be
covered by Sir Cliff on a new single due in September.

The single will be backed by a previously "lost" track, "Mobile Alabama School Leaving Hullabaloo".
Actually, it was already covered and recorded in 1977, but Sir Cliff has no recollection of the session.
It was mis-filed in the archives and has only just been unearthed.
As well as being the B-side on a single it will appear on an eight-disc retrospective that is due in September.
Cliff has already mentioned he will use this song to close the first half of his forthcoming "Time Machine" tour.
I'm really pleased on Chris behalf, Lasse

Ps. Sir Cliff is for those who might not know; Cliff Richard

28th of August 2008
Sometimes musicians asks for Guitar and Piano tabs, lyrics and Sheet Music.
Try this link; Hornall Brothers, it's the publisher who publish all Mickey's songs.
Here are a number of Sub-publisher in 14 different countries. According to recent communication
with Hornall Brothers, they should have it or know where to get it.
If anyone try to buy anything, please, report back the result.

This is the best tip I can give at the moment. I shall try to find out more where to get songs etc.

30th of July 2008
Yet one more Coverband added, Shotgun Shadow from Holland.
This is the 87th band so far covering one of Mickey's songs.

26th of June 2008
More scans are added in the Cover Discography as well as a new record by Ostbahn-Kurti from Germany.

22nd of June 2008
A few more scans are added in the Side Project discography as well as in the LP Compilation discography.

For those of you who do not receive the newsletter; here is an old message;
In the Side Project Discography have I added a 12" LP with a song produced by Mickey.
Its "A Chance Encounter" Promo 12" compilation LP with one song produced by Mickey.

I have no further news about the CD when it finally will be released.
This is what Chris East has written to me some days ago, read it carefully.
Mickey has already recorded his voice on all the tracks AND the tracks for the Country album that will follow this one.
We are currently mixing the tracks in preparation for Mo Witham and Alan Parish to come in
and do their overdubs and it sounds....GREAT!

How does that sound in your ears? Its soon time to order the next album...

10th of June 2008
A new section is added, a band member list, it's found in the navigator.

This is Mickey's band members throughout the recording years.
Only band members, no musicians for tours or other appearances, however, some has been with Mickey also on stage.
Mickey has played with 63 different musicians during his recording sessions.
Listed are all musicians as well as backing vocals.
All musicians are listed by the year they appeared on any records.

1st of June 2008
Updates at Covers, CD-Compilation, LP and LP-Compilation Discographies.

I have also compiled a list of Mickey's band members throughout the recording years.
The list is send to all who recieves mail from the Mickey Yahoo group.
This list contains 63 different musicians who has played on Mickey's records.

24th of May 2008
Updates at Covers Discography.
I have added one more Cover "The Jaguars" from Holland.
They were listed as The Jaguars from UK but it was two different band with the same name.
Thanks to Maarten, Holland, singer in the Dutch band.

15th of May 2008
Updates at Covers and Sideproject's Discography.
I have added one more Cover Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons from Australia.
Thanks to Ken, Australia.

I have also added some more scans and info in the Sideproject Discography as well as a new CD with Steve Hooker.
See below;

10th of May 2008
Mickey's apperances on other artst's records.

I don't know if you know that Mickey co-produced one song on Steve Hooker's album "Really Gone".
Anyway, that album has now been re-mastered and issued on CD.
This time is the songs were Mickey co-produces extended with one more song.

I have talked to Steve and he has sent me the following message;
The Shakers recorded three tracks at Mick's Cook House Studio in 1982,
"Nothing But Talk" / "Prisoner Of Love" / "She's Afraid To Come".
Mick was particularly fond of "She's Afraid To Come"! We re-mixed "Nothing But Talk" and added extra guitar and BV's.
The track appeared on the "Chance Encounter" compilation and Steve Hookers Shakers "Really Gone" album
and the 7" promo single (stereo and mono mixes!).
Although we had always been friendly before and after these sessions (The Shakers often supported The Jupp Band in London)
it was when Mick signed to Waterfront Records for the "X" album we became a lot closer - I helped him
put the band together with Mo / Ted / Figure - then Ed Deane. Booked their gigs and often went on the
road with them as tour manager. Many people talk of Mick's temperament or that he's difficult to get along with.
But I can honestly say that I enjoy his company / that we've never exchanged a cross word / and that I regard him as a friend!
Check the new limited edition CD Steve Hooker "Shakers - Really Gone Remastered" at Steve Hooker (click on the Connections Page)
Regards. S. H.

29th of April 2008
More news about the new Legend CD.

Title will be 'Never too old to rock' (Nickname, 'The Red Brogue Album')
Tracks include: 'Tears For You', 'Teach You Children', 'You Wear My Ring', 'Function to Function',
'I Need a Woman', 'Wild West Junkie', 'Red Onions', 'Good Enough For You', 'Good Looking',
'Underneath the clock in the square on a Saturday Night' and 'Claggin' On'.

There are a couple of other possible tracks but the band are going to wait and see how they pan out...
still lots of work behind the scenes to do yet...
oh yes, and 'Never Too Old To Rock'!!

There will be a load of sleeve notes on line and the 'story' of the album...
'what went wrong, what went right' etc.
I hope I shall be able to let you see the Cover soon, very soon.

23rd of April 2008
News about the new Legend CD.
Chris East sent me the following very promising message;
We are in the studio this weekend with Mo Witham, Bobby Clouter and John Bobin putting the bass and
drums on to the tracks for the album.
All we have to do then are the overdubs and mix and the album will be finished.
We are also changing the look of the website at mickeyjupp.com so expect odd times when it wont be on line.

All of you who has not yet ordered the CD can do so directly at Chris East's site.

13th of April 2008
Here we go again, one more Cover Band discovered, they are number 83 in the row.
The band is from UK and it's Mickey Flynn band who has recorded "Standing At The Crossroads Again".

10th of April 2008
One more Cover Band discovered, they are number 82 in the row.
The band is from Switzerland and have played for a long time.
They are named Bluesaholics and they have recorded "Standing At The Crossroads Again".

I have also added a couple of Lyrics in the Lyric section.

7th of April 2008
The Gig List is updated with one more John Peel Session from 1971.
Any help with update(s) is most welcome, Please, check your old calendar or tickets.

7th of April 2008
Seven photos of The Orioles is added in the English section of the Scrapbook.
Picture 3 - 7 is courtesy by Clara Baillie-Lane. The daughter of Douglas Sheldrake who played Guitar in the group.

5th of April 2008
A new article is added in the English section of the Scrapbook.
It's from a Fanzine from 1979, Teesside Smells No. 2, October 1979.
The fanzine is copied from a Xeroxed magazine made 29 years ago and the quality is thereafter.
I have done my best to make it readable.

I have also added an update for the Band History with Legend Mark V.

17th of March 2008
In a new mail from Chris East concerning the new Legend CD was this message:
Final recording put back even further because of gig responsibilities.
Bob Clouter and John Bobin will be in the studio around the end of April to put down their tracks.

More Later, but it will probably be May when it's finally released.

22nd of February 2008
In a mail from Chris East concerning the new Legend CD was this messag:
"Final recording put back a couple of weeks because of illness.
More Later, but it will probably be early March now".

Everything comes to those who wait! (My comment)

20TH of February 2008
One more cover added, Foxfield Junction. It's a band from Finland but it is recorded in Sweden.
The band are Andy McCoy and the song are Foxfield Junction is also named Foxfire Junction in some discographies.
Also, in some Music Data Bases, Andy is signed wrongly as composer.
Andy has also changed the song, altered one word, changed it from BOY to GIRL.
Thanks to Timo Närväinen, Finland.

18TH of February 2008
Two more coverband added. It's one band from Switzerland and one from Sweden.
This means that 80 different band has covered one or more songs by Mickey.

17TH of February 2008
One more gig added. At this gig Mickey turned ill and had to leave the stage after
only four songs. Thanks to Lars Fyledal, Sweden who gave this information and also was at the gig.

11TH of February 2008
Yet another cover of one of Mickey's songs are found. It's once again a German band, Revolver.
Any information about this band are very welcome.

10TH of February 2008
Two more articles from magazines are added.
One from a Dutch Music Magazine Musiek Expres September 1978,
and the other from NME UK November 1st 1975.

A lot of scans are added in the LP and 7 inch Discography, most LP's ans singles has now a scan of
every label and variation there is.

Three more Gigs are added to the Gig List, it's one from 1981 and two from 1983.
One of the Gig 1983 was a TV Recording. Thanks to Werner Gabele for the info.

3rd of February 2008
One more gig is added to the gig list. This is probably the last gig Mickey ever did.
There is also a review of the gig, a link to the review is in the link section or here: Last Gig.

2nd of February 2008
The writing about Mickey's Procol Harum Connections has been updated with new
information since it was first published. Don't miss to read it again!
Follow the link in the Links section...

27th of January 2008
I have added a new "cover" which is not really a true cover.
It's a Style Parody of "Switchboard Susan" recorded by Weird Al Yankovic.

This adding is not counted as a true cover, it's merely for the fun.

There is also a new gig added in the Gig-discography it's from:
The Kursaal Flyers 1st Annual Reunion Concert Live at The Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea, 23rd of July, 1989.

14th of January 2008
I have made a few changes with the screen resolution.
The site is now optomized for the screen settings to be 1280 x 1024.
By doing this changes, the main window is able to show more information.

4th of January 2008
Happy New Year

"Legend" is about to release a new CD. DON'T MISS THAT!
Mickey and the boys are working together with a new CD containing old demo songs.
Some never heard and obviously never ever released.
Chris East is the motor in the project and are working hard with the songs in his studio.
ORDER the forthcoming Mickey Jupp and LEGEND album...
"YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK" at www.mickeyjupp.com, this site is set up by Chris East,
check this site up regularly for any news about the release. It will only be available from this site,
so sign up for your copy TODAY.

The LINK-page is updated with a couple of new links.

12th of December 2007
A new gig "Live at London 100 Club 2nd of October 1994" is added to the gig-list.
Thanks to Derek who was there. Set list will be added later as well as musicians.

11th of December 2007
At last some updates.
I have added the new CD from Repertoire as well as added some new scans to the CD discography.

2nd of July 2007
Two new scans added in the 7" diskography, It's for the German release of "Joggin'".

29th of June 2007
Here is a link to a really great review for the "Moonshine" album.
The review is taken from Allmusic where you can read more about Legend and Mickey.
Allmusic has sad eneough not been able to separate between our Legend and the American ditto.

27th of June 2007
This is only a call for two persons from Germany who I would like to be in touch with.
Holger, if you read this, please make contact with me, Lars. Your e-mail address is lost!!!
Gerd, if you read this, please make contact with me, Lars. Your e-mail address is lost!!!

26th of June 2007
A new CD with a song by Mickey has been found again, the band are The Shambells.
The Shambells comes from USA and does "You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those".

By now 77 different artists has covered one or more songs by Mickey.

25th of June 2007
A new 7" scan added to the 7" discography. It's a new find, a Australian release of "Modern Music".
"Modern Music" is a Edited version on the UK and the Australian singles but not on the Canadian.

20th of June 2007
Did you know!

The Juppanese album was recorded in its entirety with production by Nick Lowe. However, Dave Robinson
wasn’t totally satisfied and put Mickey back in the studio with Gary Brooker (Procul Harum) – hence the album
sounds exactly what it is, two different productions (side 1 and side 2 of the vinyl)

Unfortunately, I’ve no idea what happened to the missing masters.
Read more about it in Mickey's group at Yahoo.

7th of June 2007
The giglist is updated with yet one more date from 1978.

One more 7" single is found, it's "Modern Music" issued in Australia.

Also, more cover of a Mickey tune is discovered. It's a German band again, the band is "Red Hot". Thank's to Ingo Hooge, Germany.

16th of April 2007
The giglist is updated with all the dates of the famous "Be Stiff Route 78 Tour".

12th of April 2007
Just a reminder that the re-release of the first Legend album is due to the 20th of April.

There are some new scans added to the 12" discography.

24th of March 2007
I'm happy to announce that the re-release of the first Legend album is due to the 20th of April.

There are a bunch of new scans added to the CD discography.

25th of March 2007
(Never) too old to roll, That's Mickey Jupp!
A new article about Mickey is uploaded. The article is taken from the Irish Music Magazine "The Hot Press" from November 1978.
Mickey says"The music's too loud and the halls are too big".

21st of March 2007
News about the re-lease of Legends first album. There will be two bonus songs added to the album.
It's from the the UK single issued on Bell 1969, Bell 1082, with the songs Georgia George, Part 1 and July.
The cover art work has just been started. You will soon get the firm release date.

13th of March 2007
A couple of ads added in the LP discography, look at the Juppanese LP.

12th of March 2007
More gigs added in the gig history. I have also added some info about the record "Live at Onkel Pös",
thank you Holger Bünte-Majoor who attended the gig. It's all in the LP Compilation discography.

12th of March 2007
A couple of ads added. One in the LP discography and "Juppanese", and the other one in the Gig History "Melkweg 1990".

8th of March 2007
Five new Gig dates added to gig history.

7th of March 2007
Happy birthday Mickey. Yesterday was Mickey's birtday and our hero turned 63 years of age.

7th of March 2007
Yet one more cover found, this time it's an odd cassette with Dave Edmunds released in Indonesia.

3rd of March 2007
Some 7" single label scans has been added.

28th of February 2007
A full page Stiff Records add from Sounds Magazine November 25, 1978 for the Juppanese album is added,
you will find the link in the LP discography.
From the department of useless knowledge, the whole add was upside down. Or as Stiff put it:
"Stiff Records We'll Stand On Our Heads To Do You A Deal"
The first British artistes on Picture Discs. The Picture Records that last more than ten plays.

20th of February 2007
A new gig added, its from 1978 when Mickey was supporting act to Elvis Costello in Brighton.
Thanks to Andy H. for the information.

I'm also pleased to welcome three new members to the Yahoo community.

31st of January 2007
20 new lyrics added to the Lyrics library.
Thanks to Lynn Wagstaff who has transcripted the lyrics.

30th of January 2007
Would you beleive it? One more cover added, Automatic Slim singing Switchboard Susan.
This is the 76th recording artist with one or more songs written by Mickey.

Before you knew it, the band wrote that they had released an album already 1983 contianing another song by Mickey, Cheque Book.
So, actually, there was two new covers added, within a couple of hours. Thank you Tim Aves, Automatic Slim, Vocals, Harmonica, Slide Guitar.

25th of January 2007
One more article from MOJO, November is added. It's an interview written by Ed Glinert.

23rd of January 2007
The long wait is over...
Legend's first album is about to be re-released for the first time ever.

Repertoire Records will re-release the first album, the one that was released by Bell Records originally.
The planned release is April.
The cover art design has already started. I don't know if the songs are re-mastered just yet.
I will keep you all updated as soon as there are any more information to give.

One more cover band has been discovered and added to the previous 74 artists who have recorded one or more songs written by Mickey.
This time it's a Swedish band, Detroit Diesel, the songs covered is Standing at the Crossroads and I Should Be Lovin' This.

19th of January 2007
One more cover discovered and added to the previous 73 artists who has recorded one or more songs written by Mickey.
This time it's a French artist, Olivier Lorquin, the song covered is Cheque Book and is from 1982 on a 7" single.

18th of January 2007
I have just added a Swedish review from a "live gig" Mickey did in Sweden the 7th of April 1993.
It's in the Swedish section of the Scrapbook. Thanks to Andreas Berger for the information.
Andreas is also the writer of the review.

17th of January 2007
A new article written by Will Birch, Will Birch, writer and lyricist, drummer and songwriter with the Kursaal Flyers and
The Records, author of "No Sleep Till Canvey Island - The Great Pub Rock Revolution".
The article is re-published with kind permission by Will Birch. The article itself is from the very first issue of MOJO, November 1993.
At the end of the article is a couple of links to Will Birch website and to Will's site at MySpace, as well as they are here.

I have also changed the lyrics page and added the songs that Mickey has co-written with Chris East.
There will be more lyrics added... and more songs co-written with other songwriters.

13th of January 2007
How wrong can anything be, I took the lyric for "You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those" from the insert of the
Japanese issue of "Juppanese", also the only place where a lyric has ever been printed for any of Mickey's songs.
But was it correct, no, far from. Many thanks to Lynn Wagstaff who sent me the correct one.
If I only had listen at the same time I copied the lyrics…

10th of January 2007
Yet one more cover is discovered. It's a Brittish RnB band "Route 66" who has recorded "Hole in my Pocket" on a Cassette 1994.
This means that 73 artists have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey, and currently are 54 different songs recorded.

10th of December
Christmas is coming; some of you might not have planned for any Christmas gift just yet.
I will take the opportunity to give you all a tip or two.

Here’s the first:
For all you fans, there is a new book out; "Bark Staving Ronkers", written by John Bobin, former member of The Orioles and Legend.
It has tons of good reading, invaluable reading from the outset of the The Orioles/Legend.
The book will be found here: www.amazon.co.uk Profits from the sale of the book go to cancer research.

And the second:
Visit Doctor's Harp's Medicine Band, Dr Harp raises funds to support children’s health and has recorded a CD, of course with a Mickey song on it.
The proceeds of the sales of this CD go entirely to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.
Buy this CD as The Christmas gift of the year. Make someone happy and Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity even happier.

Don’t miss this, it’s for some really good causes.

4th of December
It's not many days since I've added a new band in the Cover Discography and now it's time again.
I'm happy to add "Keno Kings" to the Covers, this entry makes it to 72 band covering one or more songs written by Mickey.
Keno Kings are from England and can be found here "Keno Kings".

3rd of December
The 7 inch discography has been updated with Spanish 7" regular release of "Old Rock 'n' Roller" that for long counted as not existing.

Gig list has had a few new dates in the beginning of 1970 and late 1970.

If you would like to be fully updated, join the Mickey group at Yahoo.

29th of November
The Gig list is finished for the Legend period, however changes and additions will be made.
However it does give a good snapshot of what type of gigs Legend did.

27th of November
The Lyrics library has had 5 new lyrics added, in Finnish!

The Cover discography has got a new band added, The Spiders from Finland.
The record was issued all the way back at 1979. Nobody in the band seem to be older than 15 - 18 years of age.
This is the 71st band covering a Mickey song.
I had no knowledge of this band whatsoever, until Stefan Burman here in Sweden told me about their presence.
Thank you Stefan.

26th of November
The Gig list has been updated with all the gigs that Legend did the glorious year 1970. All of tem...
1971 will follow in a few days time. The Gig list for Legend has been provided by John Bobin. Thank you very much John.
If anyone has a recording from that time, Please tell us about it.
John wrote this to me;
There were a lot of BBC Radio recordings of Legend which included Rock and Roll and R and B material
that we did not record for Vertigo.
The BBC told me that these tapes had all been ditched but if one of your web readers finds a can of old
tape in his attic it would be great to get a Legend Live album issued!

Take this as an invitation to search your attic and cellar for a long forgotten treasure. Happy hunting!

The Cover discography has got its 53rd covered song. More than impressive!

22nd of November
The note text for the LP Legend Red Boot and the single "My Typewriter " has been updated with an anecdote about the song.
The anecdote was sent by John Bobin, the Bass Player in Legend, Thank you very much John.

17th of November
The "Down at the Doctor" song history in the Scrapbook is updated with yet a new
version of the song with the "new" Dr Feelgood.
Dr Feelgood in various settings has now recorded this song at 9 times.

16th of November
Did you know that Mickey's latest studio album "You Say Rock"
is still available direct from the record company in Sweden?
And to a very good price as well, check here:
Gazell recods
The price is 125SEK, €14, £9.50, $17.5 postage is:
Shipment inside Sweden: 30,00 SEK, inside EC: €4.00, outside EC: $7.00
The prices is not exact, it’s an average based on today’s exchange rates.

You can also order from Repertoire Records in Germany,
check out how to order here:
Repertoire Records
Repertoire has Juppanese by Mickey and Red Boot and Moonshine by Legend.

You can also try Hux Records here:
Hux Records
Hux has the “Live at the BBC”.

Mind you that sometimes eBay “can” be cheaper, but not always.

14th of November
Seven new lyrics added today.

13th of November
Scan added in the LP discography of the Japanese release of Juppansese. There is also a part of the inlay scanned.
For the first time ever has the inlay all the lyrics printed, not only in Japanese but in English as well.

A new CD is added to the CD-Compilation discography, Line Pop Patterns.
Details added to No Beans CD in the Cover Discography.

6th of November
More added to the English Scrapbook under Excerpts from Books and Odds, it's a mail from Bob Fish concerning
Mickey Jupp Big Band formed in the summer of 1975.
There is also a very interesting quotation from a mail from Bob to Mickey... History some would say!!!

2nd of November
4 new songs added to the songlist, this makes it to a total of 170 songs written by Mickey.
I have also added 4 more lyrics to the lyric library.

I have also added 4 new demos by Mickey to the giglist.
That makes the total of unrecorded or unpublished songs to as much as 45 songs. I know for sure that there are more unpublished songs,
I'm working on that at the moment. A lot of musicians have got those songs as demos on cassette.

28th of October
A new scan is added to the 7" discography. It's "Life" Italian Promo Version.
More addition today, information about two label variations on "Georgia George Part 1", this is also in the 7” discography.
I have also added some information about 8 Videos in the "Giglist" from Chrysalis, who made those videos as early as 1980.

26th of October
A Dutch article about Mickey has been added. It's taken from the Dutch Music Magazine OOR #16, 16th of August 1980
The article is re-published by kind permission by Mr Herman van der Horst.

25th of October
A couple of more gigs has been added. I will add more gigs later as well as sort them by date. Be patient...
This list will also show Radio and TV appearances.

18th of October
The first test with the Gig-list has been uploaded. I will add more gigs later as well as sort them by date. Be patient...
This list will also show Radio and TV appearances.

1st of October
Do you want to dance? Just found out that Mickey's songs seems to be good ones for square dancing and country/western line dancing
in the Heart of Texas. Do you want to know how to dance line dance?
Just follow this link: Standing at the Crossroads Again all the necessary steps in a easy to follow directions. Enjoy...

26th of September
Today has two more Cover songs been found. Currently, 70 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed) have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey.
Very Impressive!

25th of September
Yet another Cover song has been discovered. Currently, 68 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed) have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey.
Thanks to Dave Vickers.

23rd of September
The discography has now been updated with the "Bootleg" discography.

21st of September
Ask Mickey a question has been reinstated. You will find the link in the menu under contact.
You may now again ask all the questions that you want Mickey to answer.

13th of September
Yet another cover discovered. This is a true mystery since it was recorded way back in 1982.
It is released both as MC and LP and the guy seems to be well knowned. But perhaps not to Mickey fans.
Anyway, yeat another reocrd is added to the Cover Discography.

13th of September
It has been awfully quiet since I've posted the latest news about Mickey. See below...
No comments, no feedback, no sadness, no nothing. What have happened to all of you?
Was this so devostating? There was not even a single comment, nor here or at Yahoo groups for that matter.

20th of August - 2006
The foolowing message was posted earlier today at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp by me.

Hi all Mickey fans,gust - 2006
The foolowing message was posted earlier today at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp by me.

Hi all Mickey fans,
There has been some talk about Mickey's retirement or not.(This has been talked about at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp)
As for Mickey, yes he has definitely retired. He will not ever gig again or record again.
The only thing he will be doing is recording his "home demos". I know it's a tragedy but that's the way it is!
But he's still sending the demos out to various musicians, here in Sweden to at least three different musicians.
Mickey has a back catalogue (recorded) of certainly more than a hundred songs, never released, or to be if not any other musician
likes the song and does his/hers own version of it.
You can have a look at all recorded cover songs in the discography section.

The second Swedish recording sessions (This has been talked about at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp)
There have also been some rumours of a new Swedish record. That rumour has been very true.
Some three four years ago were a studio booked, musicians booked, and in fact all involved was booked.
The backing band should have been The Refreshments; the same band that SHOULD have been on "You Say Rock" as well.
We all know that that never happened. Why? Well that's written in the sky.
So what happened then? In the very last minute all was cancelled, Mickey decided to retire permanently as you already know.
Since that day there has been massive try to persuade Mickey to record that record or as is was called "The Ultimate RnR Record".
But to no vain that was.

One more thing that is true, Mickey lives in Cumbria and has a shop. (This has been talked about at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp)

Mickey on the road again?(This has been talked about at groups.yahoo.com/group/MickeyJupp)
He most certainly is not doing some gigs in Germany. He is doing no promotion for the re-releases.
However – if he is doing some gigs, he certainly has not told Paul Moules or the other guys who would have normally backed him.
So why have secrets from all parts to be involved.

I know this is not all pleasant to read, but that's the fact we all have to deal with.
On thing though, his music still lives and will still lives for ever.


For all of you who has not signed up at http://groups.yahoo.com, Please, join:
Mickey Jupp ...a mailinglist to share info on past, present, and future activities relating to Mickey Jupp and bands =:)

16th of August - 2006
A few more addings in the LP discography.
Pictures added for New Zeeland releases of Juppanese; Some People Can't Dance and Long Distance Romancer.

For those of you who are interested in other artists covering Mickey's songs, some new information has been added in the Cover
Discography, check out "Gator Blues".

4th of August - 2006
A couple of weeks ago did I get a mail from Cumbria, no not from Mickey but from a girl who knows Mickey very well.
It's very nice and I would likke to share it with all of you.

I know Mickey Jupp, he lives near me in Cumbria and is very cool!
He lives near the pub where I used to work. Anyway, before i got married, my boyfriend used to come and see me after work.
At the end of the night, we used to go to other pubs around the valley.
Then I would come back to the pub (cause I used to live there too) and my boss and others, i.e. Mickey Jupp, would say have you
been 'Claggin on' meaning kissing him good night. From then on, it was a joke in the pub! A few months passed and the next thing I
knew, he had written a song about 'Claggin on'
It was so funny but I felt so priviledged that I had a song written about me and my boyfriend!

How cool is that!

3rd of August - 2006
Ad for Stiff Picture Discs and Be Stiff Route 78 Tour added. Thanks to Edwin Blanker, Holland.
Edwin has sent more stuff, this is only a appetizer.

25th of July - 2006
The CD discography has got a few more pictures added.

25th of July - 2006
For all you fans, there is a new book out; "Bark Staving Ronkers", written by John Bobin, former member of Orioles and Legend.
It has tons of good reading, invaluable reading from the outset of the Orioles/Legend.
The book will be found here: www.amazon..co.uk Profits from the sale of the book go to cancer research.

From the Publisher
Experience the spark and excitement of the 60's tumultuous music scene from a man who lived through
it all — English bass guitarist John Bobin. Bobin’s candid clear-eyed look at the perils and pitfalls of fame – including
the occasional disastrous tour, give scope and breadth to an absolutely engrossing tale.

About the Author
John Bobin was born in Southend on Sea, in Essex, England in 1948.
A bass guitarist since the age of twelve, he has recorded for Polydor, Columbia and Vertigo and has worked for pirate radio stations as well.
Retired from the professional music business, he now works for a specialist Business Processing Services Company.
A keen cyclist, he still plays bass and rock and roll is still in his heart!

24th of July - 2006
The LP discography has been updated with three New Zeeland releases not knowned before.
It's, Long Distance Romancer and Some People Can't Dance.

14th of July - 2006
Any one looking for the new Re-issue of the Mickey Jupp CD Juppanese with bonus tracks?
Mickey's re-released CD "Juppanese" is sold at The Turkey Zone: www.theturkeyzone.com don't miss it.

14th of July - 2006
A new song is added to the lyrics, this new song will be the 158th knowned song.

A new Cover song is added as well as a new Cover Artist. Thank's to Håkan Pettersson, Sweden.
This makes it to 66 artists covering Mickey, and the 52nd song covered.

10th of July - 2006
Updates made in the Cover discograpgy, as well as in the LP and LP-compilation discography where reviews for
various albums has been added, the reviews are in both English and Swedish.

In the scrapbook section has an interview made by Chris Welch for Repertoire Records been added, thank you Chris.

10th of July - 2006
Don't forget to join "Southend's finest" Mickey Jupp,
...a mailinglist to share info on past, present, and future activities relating to Mickey Jupp and bands =:)

27th of June - 2006
Updates made in the LP-compilation discograpgy for the two Be Stiff Route 78 Tour albums.
Information taken from Record Collector Number 7 and 8 from 1980. Check under "Notes".

Updates also made in the 7" discography, "My Typewriter" issued by Stiff has had som new information.

26th of June - 2006
Updates made in the Scrapbook, check under the English flag.
Two ads added, one from a Japanese magazine and one from an English.
I have also uploaded one image of the probably only valuation ever made for any Legend or Mickey Jupp record
in The Record Collector Magazine. The Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide is at the moment excluded.

I'm currently reading every single Record Collector ever issued, in order to find any kind of written information about Mickey.
Thereafter will I do the same with Mojo. All of you who has any picture, any cuttings or any other information about Mickey,
this can be, press-releases, cuttings, reviews of records or songs.
Please, feel free to send it to me so it can be shown for the rest of the world.

25th of June - 2006
Help Please!
Can anyone help me!
I wish to get into touch with Dave Vickers. The e-mail address that I have is an old one and is not working.
Or, Dave if you see this, Please, make contact with me.

25th of June - 2006
The Side-project discography has been updated with two pictures.

The English Scrapbook has been updated with an article from The Observer Magazine from 1978 and the Be Stiff Route 78 Tour.

24th of June - 2006
12" discography has been updated with pictures and some new information.
LP discography has also been updated with some pictures.

19th of June - 2006
LP discography has been updated and "Legend" LP with song information. Some minor changes made to innformation
Thanks to Edwin Blanker, Holland.

10th of June - 2006
LP discography has been updated with some pictures. Some minor changes made to innformation.

9th of June - 2006
For all of you who would like to se where it all started, just follow this link. Southend-On-Sea, Essex, England

8th of June - 2006
I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been occupied elsewhere and have had no possibilty to work on the pages.
The updates now is mainly within the CD and LP-compilation discographies.

New information added to Line Records information in LP-compilation discography, thanks to Peter Krott, Germany

8th of June - 2006
These pages will soon be transferred to the Official Mickey Jupp pages. Stay tuned for more news!

18th of December - 2005
Due to a lot of spam in the guestbook lately I had to change the Guestbook to a version with
an anti-spam protection. Hopefully don't we have to read all about Viagra and all the other stuff.

18th of December - 2005
Mickey Jupp Band History updated.

16th of December - 2005
DVD added to the Cover Discography of Dr. Feelggod.
Thanks to Chris Frances, Sweden.

12th of December - 2005
A French article has been added to the Scrapbook.
Thanks to Gerd Obermanm, Germany.

12th of December - 2005
Some links have been added to the Cover Discography if any of you would like to get some cover CD's...

12th of December - 2005
Three new 7" added to the 7" Discography.
Legend "Don't You Never" UK release and "Only For Life" UK Promo release and "Heather On The Hill" French release.
Thanks to Lars Fyledal, Sweden.

11th of December - 2005
Two new CD added to the Cover Discography. The Bluebones from Germany and Pete Gage from UK.
Thanks to Chris Frances; Sweden.

Currently, 65 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed) have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey,
currently 51 different songs but over 140 covers all together.

11th of December - 2005
New cassette and scan added in the Cover Discography. Cassette "Hamster - Rodent Rock" +
new scan for The Hamsters Cassette "The Night Of The Rocking Rodents".
Thanks to Chris Frances, Sweden.

1st of December - 2005
New single added in the 7" Discography "Some People Can't Dance".
Scan and info added for "Only For Life" in the 7" discography.
Single and information added for "Modern Music" also in the 7" discography.

30th of November - 2005
More updates in the Cover Discography.
Gator Blues was not an US-band, they are from UK.

Cassette Discography is updated with "Red Boot" cassette.

LP Discography is updated with more details for "Juppanese", "Long Distance Romancer" and "Some People Can't Dance"

21th of November - 2005
The Finnish Scrapbook has been updated with two Finnish articles from the Finnish Sound (Soundi) 1978.
Thanks to Gerd Obermann, Germany.

20th of November - 2005
Two more songs added to Lyrics listing.

One more artist in the Cover Discography is added, currently, 63 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed)
have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey. It’s now 51 unique songs but over 140 covers all together.

14th of November - 2005
A lot of help has been provided by Gerd Obermann from Germany. Thank you very much Gerd!
Gerd's help stretches all the way back to the very beginning of this site.

13th of November - 2005
This is a reminder of Bert Muirheads "Stiff - The Story Of A Record Label"
His book is still available at the Turkey Zone and at Amazon, this book is necessary for all interested of Stiff Records, don't miss it.

10th of November - 2005
Correction made in the Cover Discography and Dave Edmunds "King Bisquit" CD.

9th of November - 2005
Correction made in the Cover Discography and Lyrics. On song with The Hamsters had been misplaced.
Thanks to Gary Locke, USA for kind assistance.

A New record has been added to the Cover Discography, again thanks to Gary.
Currently, 62 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed) have one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey, currently 50 different songs.

7th of November - 2005
Two more lyrics added in the Lyric section. Down at the Doctor's in German and Switchboard Susan in Swedish.

2nd of November - 2005
More stuff added to The Scrapbook. As well as The German and The Swedish pages.

Don't forget!
Join the Southend's finest Mickey Jupp
...a mailing list to share info on past, present, and future activities relating to Mickey Jupp and bands =:)

1st of November - 2005
The Scrapbook is uploaded, it's only the very start of it. More will be added every week.
At the moment is there only material written in English, information written in German and Swedish will be added in a week or so.

28th of October - 2005
Liner Notes added to Mickey Jupp CD "Live At The BBC"
Text written by Paul Moules and John Gardiner

27th of October - 2005
More songs added to "Lyrics"

14th of October - 2005
Help Please!
Can anyone help me!
I wish to get into touch with Dave Vickers. The e-mail address that I have is an old one and is not working.
Or, Dave if you see this, Please, make contact with me.

14th of October - 2005
A mystery has been solved.
In the Cover Discography is a record listed "Jänkaren & Company", a Swedish band that I never seen or heard.
Anyway, I was told that they had issued a record with a Mickey Jupp song, well, that's not the case.
The band exists, that’s not the problem, but sadly to say, they have never recorded anything. But they play "I Should Be Lovin' This" at their gigs.
Thank you, Håkan. (Håkan Boström, drummer in the band "Jänkaren & Company").

13th of October - 2005
The Cover Discography has been updated, one uncomfirmed has been confirmed not existing.
Currently there are 61 artists (+ 1 unconfirmed) who has one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey, currently 50 different songs. 3rd of October - 2005
Three more lyrics added, thank's to Andy Gillanders for the contribution.
The Southend Tree from ZigZag #56 is added as a link in the Biography page.

2nd of October - 2005
A new 7" single has been added in the 7" Single Discography. National Gas, French.
Two new records has been added to the Cover Discography, Edo Zanki covering "Switchboard Susan".
61 artists (+ 2 unconfirmed) has one ore more songs recorded written by Mickey, all together, 142 songs.

28th of September - 2005
Yet another biography is added, this time it's written by Bert Muirhead, the author of "Siff - The Story Of A Record Label".
You have to scroll down to view the text. All text and picture is re-published by kind permission of Bert Muirhead.

27th of September - 2005
New Biography added.

27th of September - 2005
You can still get Mickey's latest studio album "You Say Rock" at a lower price than on eBay at Gazell Music
click on Webshop/Pop & Rock. The webshop is in English, just click The Union Jack.

22nd of September - 2005
CD discography added.

13th of September - 2005
New addings to the discography pages.
Some corrections made, thank you all who has contributed and sent updates.

12th of September - 2005
In the 7" and LP discography will you find some re-published information taken from Bert Muirheads "Stiff - The Story Of A Record Label"
All that information is re-published by kind permission by Mr Bert Muirhead.
His book is still available at Turkey Zone and at Amazon, this book is necessary for all interested of Stiff Records, don't miss it.

8th of September - 2005
Finnaly the site is up and running, however, everything is not finnished yet, so watch out for more to come.

1/9 - 2005
The double pack CD "Legend" with Moonshine and Red Boot is a Bootleg, Mickey gets nothing!

15/8 - 2005
The work continues, more addings to the discography!

1/8 - 2005
Mikael Hörnlund started to work on the Mickey Jupp complete discography fan site.